Why Ascending Davos?


Trudging through the icy, mountain streets of Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum, Meghan FitzGerald realized this moment―among a select few experiences―was symbolic of a heavy climb to the top of an enduring healthcare career―but at what cost? Looking back, she realized she had put a premium on education, connections, and compensation … and would only later learn the important value that personal health should have in life choices and work benefits.

In ASCENDING DAVOS: A CAREER JOURNEY FROM THE EMERGENCY ROOM TO THE BOARDROOM, Meg shares valuable insights learned from her novel study about the impact of increased status on one’s personal health and during her ascent from caregiving roles to healthcare strategist to academic to dealmaker, including:

• Be overprepared and have “content and connections.”
• Have a long-term strategy but short-term goals.
• Develop and deploy star sponsors to pull you up and beyond.
• Maniacally cultivate and promote your brand.
• Education and training, particularly in finance, are great equalizers.
• Health is your wealth

Through it all, Meg retained a “Get Shit Done” (GSD) mindset: wake up, show up, and perform at your best, no matter the task